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Hannah Pruss and Stuart -- 2017 AERC 100-Mile Reserve National Champions! Congratulations Hannah and Stuart!

What People are Saying about our Horse Boots

Just bought my first pair and tried them today....WOW! I have tried four other brands for my mare, and NOTHING compares to these boots! They are phenominal! Stayed on through everything, gallops and everything. Something No other boot has EVER done. WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! Thanks Renegade!

-- Lesley Bryant

Return Policy / Warranty Information

You may exchange your boots for a different size within 30 days of purchase. There is also a 30 day boot performance guarantee or your money back, upon return of the boots (but you must allow us to first help you with boot performance issues). Lastly, 90 day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In any case that you need to send boots back to us, please be sure they are clean, as there will be a $5/boot washing fee if not, thank you.

Due to conditions beyond our control, there is no warranty for tread wear. A properly moving horse which lands heel first can expect from 300 to 600 miles which varies depending upon the way the horse moves, the type of terrain ridden upon and the speed traveled thereto.

If your horse lands toe first or toe heavy, you may experience significantly less milage in the toe region and more wear and tear on the boot structure. A horse should not be moving in this manner and boot damage or excessive tread wear related to said movement is the fault of the horse and not the hoof boot. There is no warranty for tread wear and no warranty for structural damage caused by a toe first landing.

Consult with a hoof care professional for information on how to encourage a heel first landing.

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Stephanie DuRoss and Hadji (aka "The Legend").

Thank you so much to Renegade Hoof Boots. Without your amazing products and customer service Hadji and I would have never achieved this epic milestone together. 10,050 Endurance miles! Over 7,200 of those miles in Renegade Boots since 2007! Your Boots have made it possible for Hadji to continue to go down the trail safe and sound for 17 consecutive years to date. Over 700 miles this year alone and he will be turning 25 years old in September, with no signs of slowing down. Can't thank you guys enough. Photo credit's to Steve Bradley.

-- Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss.

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