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Hannah Pruss and Stuart -- 2017 AERC 100-Mile Reserve National Champions! Congratulations Hannah and Stuart!

What People are Saying about our Horse Boots

Just bought my first pair and tried them today....WOW! I have tried four other brands for my mare, and NOTHING compares to these boots! They are phenominal! Stayed on through everything, gallops and everything. Something No other boot has EVER done. WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! Thanks Renegade!

-- Lesley Bryant

Customer Testimonials

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"I have been using renegade boots for 2 years on my little Appy Trooper. I live and ride on a larger cattle ranch in Central Oregon. I also like to take my riding partner to endurance rides during the summer. I have tried other type of boots for my barefoot guy, but Renegades seem to fit and protect his feet the best. Thank you for making a quality adjustable boot for my spotted riding partner."

-- Nancy Metcalf

"I purchased these two years ago for my 24-year-old for the first time. I had tried other types of boots and so far the renegade classic are perfect for his half size and shape and keeping him on the trails! We love our Renegades!
[The second time] time we chose the yellow gold to use on our gray mare. We can watch her transitions easier with the bright color and see how she moves at all pieces of these beautiful renegade classic boots. She has worn them out on the trail for a total of 40 miles and also in the arena with no issues.
We then purchased the sport orange to go with our yellow gold to place on diagonals of our gray mare to view her transitions easier. These fit her perfectly, she’s a size O. She had never worn boots before, so far doing wonderfully on both the trail and arena."

-- Megan McConnell

"Thank you SO much. I am so in awe of your company. I've been a fan for a long time. I just wanted to reach out this morning and make sure you knew how appreciative I am of your customer service and your product."

-- Sheri Gaynor

"I have been using Renegade Vipers for my gaited Morgan mare for 2 years now. I switched from the competition after they changed production form the US to China and the quality became substandard and unusable.
I was new to Renegades and traveling in Arizona when I ordered my first pair of Vipers. I was not sure about the fit and called the office. After talking to the owner of Renegade on the phone, she suggested I could come by the factory and she would help me fit the boots. Which we did. Excellent customer service! I also got a brief tour of the factory where each boot is made by hand right there in Kingman, AZ.
Me and my mare are very pleased with the boots. We have been doing very challenging and rocky riding in southern AZ, and never a boot came off. Same for gaiting on dirt roads or cantering in washes or open meadows. Even in mud, the boots stay on! Also, no rubs or sore feet, as my mare had gotten from other companies' boots.
The traction, even on slick rock, is great. And they last a long time. I also love that they are adjustable during the fitting cycle , if desired for perfect fit for an important competition.
Lastly, the Renegades are easy to put on and take off, and individual parts can be replaced.
And the customer service is outstanding! A broken captivator was recently replaced quickly and at no charge.
I would highly recommend Renegades for all types of trail riding.
Happy trails! "

-- Sabine Dickel

"This is my Rockstar gelding, Titan, and I cruising along. He (and I) are big fans of both the Classic and the Viper. We train on some pretty abrasive terrain and the boots have been amazing in protecting him and lasting for miles and miles. We love our Rennies! And I wanted to add that Renegade is such an amazing supporter of endurance. As a ride manager and founder of Idaho Ironhorse, they've stepped up time and again to support our events. Their support is deeply appreciated!""

-- Jessica Huber

"My 25-year-old quarter horse absolutely loves his Renegade Vipers boots- and so do I! The Viper boots helps him walk over rocky terrain pain free. He has soft feet, and the boots stay on without a problem walking, trotting, and running – even in muddy and wet weather. Viper boots are easy to put on and adjust if needed. Renegade also goes above and beyond by supplying a library of Renegade FAQ’s and how-to videos on their website to help first time users with fitting and adjusting. I also was very impressed with the customer service I received during the sizing and ordering process as well. Gina and Ashley were great to work with on sizing and fitting questions. Just email Renegade a picture of your horse's hooves and they will match you with the correct size! Your horse will thank you for these boots!!"

-- Ricci Crinzi

"Kenlyn Blitz wearing his Renegade Vipers at the AHA National 100 mile Championship! Not only did he complete in 7th place in his strap ons that never once came off, they are the same strap ons he wore at Tevis in the front that never came off on that ride either. I LOVE these Boots! Thanks Hannah Pruss for getting him sized so perfectly!!"

-- Niki Beck

"I've been riding in Renegade Hoof Boots for years! They're easy to put on, stay on in all conditions, have great traction, the tread lasts for ages, and as a bonus come in fun colors! In all the years I've ridden in Rennies, including many 50-mile endurance rides, I've only lost one boot, ever (and that was when I also managed to get a concussion, so special circumstances)."

-- Nicole Kinsey

"A successful Renegade Hoof Boots weekend at the Glen Gillian endurance ride in South Australia. The scenery was fantastic and the weather perfect. There were too many giant hills to count! It was rocky and parts were slippery and with some very steep inclines. (...) The Renegade Vipers stood up to the terrain perfectly, giving the horses good grip on the slopes and protect from the rocks. They didn't move at all and no twisting or rubbing. The perfect hoof boot!"

-- Horsefx Hoof Boots

"Dot and I love our Renegade Vipers, we've had them for several years now. No way could we have tackled this rocky terrain barefoot!"

-- Melissa Molaison

"I couldn't have done my endurance training or gone to any rides this year without Renegade® Hoof Boots protecting Raiden's feet. No other boots worked for him. Renegade's always stayed on, they have never twisted, rubbed or come off even at a full gallop. I could not be happier with these boots. Thank you Renegade Hoof Boots I highly recommend them."

-- Alexis Berryman

"They work great for my Belgian / Quarter horse. We cross water that's up to her belly, stayed on never come off. Without them I could not ride her. She is very tender footed. Love them."

-- Doug-Susie Hopper

"I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for making Renegade boots! I have outfitted my 3 trail horses with Renegades over the years. The boots last for hundreds of miles. They are easy to fit and adjust and most importantly, fit the hooves well and don't move around or cause the horses any discomfort. I realize I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but just wanted to reaffirm! I recently tried Xxxxx boots on my young horse and after sizing trouble, fit trouble and losing boots in the mud/sticks, and rubbing on the heel bulbs, I swallowed my pride and ordered Renegades. I should've stuck with them all along. I'm very happy to be back. I just ordered some replacement blemish shells for boots I've worn thru, very thrilled to be outfitting the horses all around with Renegades. Thank you again for a great product with very fast shipping!"

-- Stef Costello

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Stephanie DuRoss and Hadji (aka "The Legend").

Thank you so much to Renegade Hoof Boots. Without your amazing products and customer service Hadji and I would have never achieved this epic milestone together. 10,050 Endurance miles! Over 7,200 of those miles in Renegade Boots since 2007! Your Boots have made it possible for Hadji to continue to go down the trail safe and sound for 17 consecutive years to date. Over 700 miles this year alone and he will be turning 25 years old in September, with no signs of slowing down. Can't thank you guys enough. Photo credit's to Steve Bradley.

-- Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss.

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